You may have seen our classy, yellow vests with their medals,

pins and records of achievments and leadership training and wondered who we are and what we do. Maybe you remember

your grandfather being a Lion..

Lionisim is a way of life, it's a dedication to the community,

our neighbors and those with sight based needs and

every dollar raised by our club has been

given back to the community.



We glady accept donations of used eyeglasses and cell phones.
Email for donation location.
For eye, eye surgery, hearing and glasses assistance.
HOTLINE PHONE: 314-645-3500

Turkey Days

For Thanksgiving, we prepare turkey meals for people of our community with the help of our fire truck's built-in smoker. A huge thanks to Jack’s Electric, Amen, Gantner and Capriano, Olsen Bobcat's and Color Concrete, Lemay Concrete Block Company, Bethesda Health Group, Firehouse Bar & Grill, Lemay JB Lions Club, Desoto Lions Club, Omega Steel, Rathbone Hardware and Fey Funeral Home for your donations and help in making this event possible.