Community Investment Program

Mehlville Lions Club

Fire Truck Restoration Project


With the passing of Lion David Stark Sr., our club has been gifted a historic 1957 American La France convertible fire truck.

Originally purchased from a fire department in Wood River, Illinois, when received the paint was dull, parts were missing and tires

were worn. However, our members imagine a shiny, multi-purpose event vehicle that will sport the Lions International logo,

a built-in BBQ smoker, beer tappers and an impressive sound system!! Our goal is to participate in parades and many other community events. This unique fire truck has been restored as a symbol of our dedication and service with the intent to educate and grow our organization with new members and ideas. 

A fast-paced society has reduced our free time and many people mainly network through social websites, but not face to face.

This fire truck will become our club's social networking vehicle and

we will have a face in the community again.

Like any smaller town in America, we can help preserve our neighborhood and business with moral value and compassion.

After 45 years of service in our community, we are asking for something back because we need this vehicle to be a success and

our community needs us and all the silent things that we do.

Our vision of the future is of growth and more community involvement with fundraisers and networking events at local businesses.

We envision grandparents, young adults and peers working side by side to raise money. Can you visualize how your contribution can

help preserve and empower our organization in the future?


Starting Summer of 2013, the Mehlville Lions Club started renting out the fire truck to other non-profits for $500 a day  and to for-profits businesses for $600 a day.

All organizations will have their logo permanently

displayed on the fire truck. If any businesses would like to offer goods of services of equal or greater value that

would be appreciated as well. Thanks very much for your consideration and time and we hope to hear from you soon!!

If you'd like to donate or have a fundraising idea for this project, please contact Lion Geoff Mees

@ or


 THE GOAL: to turn our truck into a BBQ smoking, beverage pouring, stereo thumping, party on the parking lot!

By spreading the word and raising money.

For the first time in 2014, the Mehlville Lions Club used its fire truck to smoke and donate 24 turkeys, along with side dishes, for Thanksgiving.
On the recommendation of local churches, club members served needy families and also Lydia's House, which provides transitional housing for abused women and their children. Many meals were provided to the Ferguson Fire Department that fed police officers and National Guard members who were stationed there for the events in the area. Based on the project's success, club members plan to make it annual holiday tradition.